Managed Solutions
We currently host our own hardware in three secure locations around the globe – Germany, Switzerland and the US. As part of our offerings we’ve built and tested ready-to-use products that our clients can purchase and start using immediately.
Our expertise
  • GoToAdmins OpsStack
    This is a management stack which includes central logging server(s), hosted orchestration server(s), monitoringserver(s) and CI/CD server(s). All of the components can be tightly integrated with your existing or newly built systems to give you bird’s eye view on performance and security metrics of your entire infrastructure.
  • Managed servers
    We’ve built and tested a number of baremental and virtualized solutions that can be used as the basis for complex clusters. Whether it’s memory intensive instances or beefy GPU baremetal servers we have the right size for your needs at the fraction of the cost of what big players on the market charge.
  • OpenStack clusters
    We love OpenStack and are using it on daily basis in our environments. We have a range of production ready private clouds hosted on our own infrastructure that can be tailored to your requirements.
  • DC/OS & Kubernetes clusters
    Microservices, IoT and BigData are part of our daily job. For this purpose we’ve built and automated a number of the two most popular types of containers clusters that can easily be scaled to your needs.
  • HPC Magento and Wordpress clusters
    Hosted on AWS, Azure and GCC we bring you massively scalable e-Commerce solutions that can take any number of hits and traffic. Fully automated and ready-to-go these products allow you to focus on your business without worrying for underlying infrastructure.