Security & Audit

The cloud era and the widespread adoption of the “as-a-Service” model, IoT and BigData put different security requirements and challenges to any organization. Network security, defending against DDoS attacks, securing application workloads, complicance and full service recovery - our team can step in and help in any of the following areas:

  • Security compliance


    We've helped our clients meet the strict security requirements of ISO27001, PCI DSS and HIPPA standards by tuning their infrastructure to pass all security controls; no matter if you are running a simple web site that accepts credit cards through a third party payment gateway or much more demanding trading platform for example.

  • Virtual Private Networks


    As part of the network hardening we can help with implementation and management of VPN networks to protect access to your resources no matter if it's site-to-site or user access. In addition we've built several production ready VPN and PROXY networks for our customers.

  • Networks and OS hardening


    To ensure full security compliance we start with the basic building blocks of a stack namely the network and the operating systems running your applications. Since every upper layer depends on those it's critical to ensure that they are not vulnerable and follow industry's best practices.

  • Backup and Disaster recovery


    One of the pillars of security is proper backup and disaster recovery plan and implementation. To ensure business continuity and recover from human or systems failures our engineers can customize and test DR and backup solutions according to your business requirements.

  • Encryption and Data protection


    Protecting your most valuable virtual assests requires secure channels of communication between your systems and "always on" encrypted storage for your data at rest. Our team can provide you with the needed setup to ensure that your data is secure in the cloud and your backups are always usable by appylying industry's best practices and standards.

  • Cloud Security


    Dynamic environments pose even greater thread to cloud systems than traditional ones. That's why we've adopted DevSecOps practices and methods to ensure that unauthorized data exposure, weak access controls and susceptibility to attacts do not affect the systems we manage.