Today's technology StartUps & SMBs often find that their development teams do not have enough time or skills to manage their infrastructure. The typical operational model is bring full-time DevOps personnel internally, but this talent is too expensive to attract or so hard to find. Another option are individual remote freelancers, but one resource is easily overwhelmed when IT emergencies occur or they leave your company taking your business secrets, and leaving you stranded for months.

GotoAdmins resolves all of these problems by delivering full stack of DevOps Services and adapting them for your organization. Our subscription model brings top level talent to your high priority goals and a team effort to resolve emergency situations with lightning speed at a price that will not break the bank.

The areas in which we can help include but are not limited to:
  • DevOps support on AWS, GCP, Azure

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    We support most of the major cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure and DigitalOcean. If you are running on either of them or plan to do so our engineers can help with design, implementation and tuning of a resilient and highly available infrastructure for your business. Even if you haven't moved to a cloud solution yet or you've realized that it's not the right one for you we can help by migrating your workloads and apps from on-prem to cloud and vice versa.

  • Continuous Integration and Deployment


    New features delivery wouldn't be effective if you deploy manually and not take advantage of automatic testing, improvement and deployment. A proper CI/CD pipeline setup can enable you to run multiple deployments, continuously test them for defects and delivery numerous times per day without the need of human intervention. This ensures smooth operation, no downtime and happier customers. We work with the most popular tools such as Jenkins, Gitlab and Circle CI.

  • Kubernetes support


    We love Kubernetes. It makes our lives so much easier but it comes with challenges of its own. If you are looking for a highly available or highly secure Kube cluster or support for one our team of skilled and certified experts will help here as well. We run production Kubernetes clusters on baremetal and most popular IaaS providers and tweak DevOps pipelines for them. In addition we can also provide you with dev environments on our playground Kubernetes clusters if you are not sure K8S is the right solution for you.

  • Infrastructure-as-Code


    Infrastructure as code (IaC) is the process of managing and provisioning computer data centers through machine-readable definition files, rather than physical hardware configuration or interactive configuration tools. The IT infrastructure managed by this comprises both physical equipment such as bare-metal servers as well as virtual machines and associated configuration resources. Every infrstructure project that we design and support is built "as-code" meaning your infrastructure is easily auditable, under version control and can be deployed automatically in a matter of minutes. The benefits of this approach result in cost reduction, faster execution and reduced risk of errors and security violations.

  • Configuration management


    Configuration management (CM) is defined as systems engineering process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life. We use the most popular tools such as Ansible, SaltStack, Puppet and Chef to ensure your infrastructure and code meet the business requirements and perform as they should be. No more manual editing of configuration files and installing of servers would be required.

  • Microservices


    Microservices are a software development technique—a variant of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) architectural style that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services. In a microservices architecture, services are fine-grained and the protocols are lightweight. The benefit of decomposing an application into different smaller services is that it improves modularity. This makes the application easier to understand, develop, test, and become more resilient to architecture erosion.
    Our team can help you to design / re-achtiecture your application and organize the infrastructure in such a way to meet best practices and Microservices design patterns.

  • Applications containerization


    This is the method of running and deploying distributed applications without launching an entire virtual machine (VM) for each app. The most popular technology on the market today is Docker. By separating functionally each app function into its own container you can achieve better scalability and easier to troubleshoot application.
    Our team can help you with the Dockerization of your apps and tuning the necessary infrastructure to run them.

  • 24x7 proactive monitoring


    We've got you covered here as well. Our SRE team provides 24x7 continuos infrastructure monitoring, early warnings, and fixes to your critical infrastructure without any intervention on your end. Root cause analysis reports are also provided in cases of any downtime and taken care of immediately.

  • Scalable DevOps teams


    We work the way you work. Our DevOps engineers become a natural extention to your team and closely collaborate with your other departments. In emergency situations or pressing project deadlines we can extend the team to accommodate on the fly to accommodate the extra load.

  • DevSecOps model


    A step further to our service is the DevSecOps philosophy that we follow with every project. This is the process of intergrating security best practices into the whole DevOps process.

Operations & support

The most rigid part of IT operations is scaling your team when demand grows. As a natural extension to our DevOps-as-a-Service offering we provide 24x7 operations and technical support for your entire infrastructure. With our "Always-On" and elastic team we can dedicate more resources when you need them.

Key features

  • Whole infrastructure management
  • Service Strategy and Design
  • Operations Management
  • 24x7 proactive monitoring
  • Level 1-3 support with an SLA
  • On-site and remote systems management
  • Advanced networks design and deployment
  • Systems & network performance monitoring
  • Infrastructure costs analysis and optimization

Key benefits

  • Always-on Ops team
  • Reliable and cost-effective IT services
  • Align IT and business goals
  • Increased control and predictability
  • Resource flexibility
  • Increase IT service availability

Security & Audit

The cloud era and the widespread adoption of the “as-a-Service” model, IoT and BigData put different security requirements and challenges to any organization. Network security, defending against DDoS attacks, securing application workloads, complicance and full service recovery - our team can step in and help in any of the following areas:

  • Security compliance


    We've helped our clients meet the strict security requirements of ISO27001, PCI DSS and HIPPA standards by tuning their infrastructure to pass all security controls; no matter if you are running a simple web site that accepts credit cards through a third party payment gateway or much more demanding trading platform for example.

  • Virtual Private Networks


    As part of the network hardening we can help with implementation and management of VPN networks to protect access to your resources no matter if it's site-to-site or user access. In addition we've built several production ready VPN and PROXY networks for our customers.

  • Networks and OS hardening


    To ensure full security compliance we start with the basic building blocks of a stack namely the network and the operating systems running your applications. Since every upper layer depends on those it's critical to ensure that they are not vulnerable and follow industry's best practices.

  • Backup and Disaster recovery


    One of the pillars of security is proper backup and disaster recovery plan and implementation. To ensure business continuity and recover from human or systems failures our engineers can customize and test DR and backup solutions according to your business requirements.

  • Encryption and Data protection


    Protecting your most valuable virtual assests requires secure channels of communication between your systems and "always on" encrypted storage for your data at rest. Our team can provide you with the needed setup to ensure that your data is secure in the cloud and your backups are always usable by appylying industry's best practices and standards.

  • Cloud Security


    Dynamic environments pose even greater thread to cloud systems than traditional ones. That's why we've adopted DevSecOps practices and methods to ensure that unauthorized data exposure, weak access controls and susceptibility to attacts do not affect the systems we manage.

Managed solutions

Reduce your TCO by choosing our production ready, fully managed solutions. No matter if you'd like to host on your own infrastructure or with us, we offer production tested stacks and clusters fully managed by us and compatible with the most popular cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, and a few more. We also host our own infrastructure in several datacenters around the globe namely US, Germany and Switzerland.

Our expertise:
  • GotoAdmins Ops Stack


    We've crafted a ready to deploy "Ops Stack" that gives you full control, visiblity and peformance metrics over your entire infrastructure. This management stack includes central logging server, orchestration server, monitoring server with dashboards, CI/CD server and a VPN gateway. All of the components can be easily connected to your existing or newly built systems.

  • Production ready Kubernetes clusters


    For the past few years we've been installing, tunning and maintaining Kubernetes clusters for different projects and requirements. This enabled us to create a custom setup method that deploys highly available, scalable and secure Kubernetes clusters to the most popular IaaS platforms in a matter of minutes. These exact same clusters run the latest version of K8S on our baremetal & virtual infrastructure as well and meet strict regulatory standards such as PCI, HIPAA and ISO27001. Our clusters are coupled and compatible with our "Ops Stack".

  • e-Commerce/Wordpress/CRM clusters

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    We manage and host quite a few large production installations of WooCommerce, Wordpress and custom CRM software for our clients, running on top of Kubernetes and cloud instances. This enabled us to create infrastructure patterns that are easy to scale and maintain. This out-of-the-box solution can be easily custom tailored to any project running similar software.

  • Scalable storage clusters


    Scalable and performant storage is vital in today's world. Yet few solutions can fit all requirements. For this purpose we've built and actively use highly resilient and easy to maintain storage clusters running the most popular opensource technologies, which can be deployed on any baremetal or cloud provider.

  • Managed dedicated & cloud servers


    In case you are running your infrastructure in a more "traditional" way we can provide you with fully managed dedicated & cloud servers. cPanel hosting to development evnironments can be connected to our configuration management system or hosted with us directly.

  • OpenStack/Xen/KVM/Proxmox clusters


    If public clouds are not the right solution for your company we've built a few private ones that can easily be deploy to your own baremetal infrastructure.

  • Scalable proxy & VPN networks


    We run several large proxy and VPN global networks that are used by our clients to access rate limiting APIs through rotating IPs and provide secure access for their employees and end users to their internal resources. The networks cover EU and US currently but can easily be expanded to other regions as well.

  • Shared Blockchain full nodes


    With the growing size of blockchanins it makes it ecomnomical to use shared nodes instead of hosting your own on a cloud provider where cost can skyrocket. We currently run fully managed Bitconin, Ethereum and EOS full nodes in our datacenters in Europe which you can use for a fraction of the cost compared to an IaaS provider and self hosting.

  • Fully managed web hosting infrastructure


    We have the right solution for web hosting companies, development and web design companies who don't want to manage infrastructure themselves. Through our APIs we provide access to a fully managed, production ready and highly available Dockerized infrastructure running in our datacenters in EU and the US. It's suitable for running the most popular Go, Python, PHP and NodeJS applications. 24x7 support and monitoring is provided by us.