About Us

All started from the passion to building more stable, secure and resilient infrastructure and since 2009 we've been helping tech companies to achieve this goal. In a combination of unmatched expertise, teamwork and cost model specifically designed for SMBs and StartUps we are proud to bring great value to your company and become a natural extension of your team.

Our Team

Stoyan Petkov photo
Stoyan Petkov

DevOps Engineer Co‑Founder

Krasimir Kosev photo
Krasimir Kosev

DevOps Engineer Co‑Founder

Stoyan P. photo
Stoyan P.

DevOps Engineer

Neli S. photo
Neli S.

QA Engineer

Atanas Z. photo
Atanas Z.

DevOps Engineer

Petar L. photo
Petar L.

DevOps Engineer

Stefan B. photo
Stefan B.

DevOps Engineer

Ivan P. photo
Ivan P.

DevOps Engineer

Ivan P. photo

DevOps Engineer

Vasil P. photo
Vasil P.

Support engineer

Daniel Y. photo
Daniel Y.

Support engineer

Kristian Ch. photo
Kristian Ch.

Support engineer

Martin M. photo
Martin M.

Support engineer

Stefan R. photo
Stefan R.

Support engineer

Ivan P. photo
Yavor Y.

Support engineer

Ivan P. photo
Georgi P.

Support engineer

Ivan P. photo
Georgi A.

Support engineer

Ivan P. photo
Stoyan S.

Support engineer

Why Choose Us?

We are customer-centric and we do believe that what sets us apart from competition are our core values:
  • Clients comes first

    We treat our clients as our friends and build custom solutions tailored to their needs.

  • Reliability

    Our clients trust us to deliver on time, every time.

  • Speed

    We are fast! There is always someone from GoToAdmins team online to solve a problem or answer a request within guaranteed SLA time.

  • Simplicity

    We do believe that there is more than one approach to tackle a problem and if something is becoming too complex to manage or implement then we are not doing it right. We like to keep things simple and this allows us to identify and solve problems really fast.

  • Security

    The traditional way of developing software in most small and StartUp companies is to put together a minimal viable product and then think about security. We take a different approach and work with your development team to start embedding the best security practices from the early start of your product development. In the long run this saves great amounts of time, money and frustration.

  • Expertise & continuous learning

    The vast ocean of data and technologies that we swim in every day makes it hard to pick up the right solution or tool for the job. Luckily we love to learn new things and play with the latest technologies. This help us stay on the bleeding edge of technology and give your company a competitive advantage.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Our monthly plans offer maximum flexibility and ROI compared to other players on the market and are tailored to each client’s needs.

  • Proactivity

    We never wait for you to spot a problem first. It’s our pride to see an issue with your systems and fix it in the background without any downtime.

  • Vendor-neutral

    We are not biased towards a particular technology rather will work with any vendor or product that solves your technological challenges / requirements.

  • Process oriented

    Our years of experience have allowed us the luxury to develop our approach to process best practise. We have learned what works and what doesn’t. The benefit of our experience means our processes are now tried and tested, finely tuned, and solid in their performance. Our processes help us service our clients time and again, always with the objective to achieve our client’s goals.

  • Trust based on Transparency & Trackability

    There is no wizard behind the curtain. We empower you to see and know everything we are doing. We want you to know the what, how and why of every part of your IT strategy. Honesty and building a trust with our clients is one of the moving forces that allows us to do business. We do believe that our clients should be aware of what we are doing with their infrastructure at all times, be able to get reports and know what technologies we are comfortable with. We cannot promise you something we cannot deliver and will never do.