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Make sure that your IT infrastructure is not only “healthy” but also secure and available.



Analysis of the health of your IT infrastructure

To be eligible for the free service your business has to be digitalized, have a cloud environment or have started its digital transformation journey, no matter the size of your organization. Having a clear understanding of your IT environment is crucial. Our team of experts meticulously examines every aspect of your infrastructure. We identify potential bottlenecks, security gaps, and areas for improvement, empowering you to make informed decisions to enhance efficiency, reliability, and security.

Vulnerabilities Scan

Every business that is digitalized or has started its digital transformation journey, whether it’s an e-commerce platform, a SaaS application, or a corporate network, is susceptible to vulnerabilities and cyber threats. Our comprehensive Vulnerabilities Scan service provides a thorough examination of your IT infrastructure, using advanced tools and techniques to detect potential issues or vulnerabilities that could compromise their availability, integrity and confidentiality.


Digital Transformation Consultation

To qualify for our complimentary consultation service, your business should either be in the process of digitalization or have taken initial steps towards digital transformation. Our experts are here to guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless transition into the digital age. Take the first step towards innovation and competitiveness today.


Exclusive Offer

Unlock even more value! When you take advantage of either of our complimentary services mentioned above, you’ll automatically qualify for an exclusive 20% discount on our Go-Light 20 | 40, Go-Plus 20 | 40 and Go-Op plans. Seize this opportunity to fortify your IT infrastructure and enjoy greater savings on our top-tier offerings.


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Go-Light 20 | Go-Light 40

This plan is suitable for startups and SMBs, that want to accelerate their time to market, scale up faster, cut unnecessary downtime and costs, avoid the reliability risks associated with self-operated infrastructure.

Cloud consulting, and guidance
Current state assessment and Technical audit of IT infrastructure according to best practices and general recommendations
Kubernetes & DevSecOps consulting
Access to our DevOps engineers with up to 20-40 hours of tailored DevOps services
Guaranteed Response Time and Incident Handling 8x5
Remote connection support, Slack connect
Monthly Billing

Go-Plus 20 | Go-Plus 40

For all those companies eager to eliminate all sorts of headaches, streamline their work, and focus on achieving better results, and enhancing efficiency while staying secure.

Cloud consulting, and guidance
Current state assessment and Technical audit of IT infrastructure according to best practices and general recommendations
Kubernetes consulting, and guidance.
24x7 access to our DevOps engineers with up to 20-40 hours of tailored services.
DevSecOps & FinOps consultancy.
Free assessment of the current monitoring systems
Monitoring & Hypercare. Guaranteed response time, incident handling, and resolution 24x7x365.
Remote connection support, Slack connect
Monthly Billing


Startups in the early stages looking for Cloud Support Services to maximize uptime, end-user productivity and speed up time to market.

Cloud & DevSecOps Consulting and guidance
Cloud Operations and Maintenance Services up to 12 hours of work
Access to dedicated Slack Channels
Regular weekly reports
Remote connection support, Slack connect
Monthly Billing


We can tailor all features and capabilities to match any client’s growing needs. This plan gives a perfect balance between price and short-to-mid-term work planning.


What our clients say about us

Our goal is building long-term relationships with our clients, not simply accomplishing a task. The trust of our clients is the token of our expertise, strong team efforts, and plenty of hard work.


What initially attracted me to GotoAdmins was their reputation for providing reliable and efficient DevOps services. GotoAdmins has greatly benefited our company by improving the infrastructure and efficiency, allowing us to focus more on developing new features. Their prompt responsiveness and attention to detail have been invaluable in meeting my needs and deadlines. I would definitely recommend GotoAdmins’ services to others. Their professionalism, and expertise are commendable. I’ve been impressed with the quality of service they consistently deliver. In addition to the above, I’d like to express my appreciation for the personalized approach GotoAdmins takes in understanding and addressing our requirements and needs.

Noon SA

We have been working with GotoAdmins for the past years, where we have constantly received excellent support with our projects; it’s a huge weight off our shoulders to know we can get the right support and services. GotoAdmins team is truly a trusted partner helping us to reach excellence, and we appreciate it.


I am really happy with GotoAdmins Team. They’ve helped us build our own public cloud and move forward. I was initially sceptical hiring an unknown company half way across the globe but then it turn out that they are always ready to help and solve complex technical challenges. GotoAdmins are a must-have to any tech StartUp!

NewBend Inc.

For the past 5 years GotoAdmins have been our partner Devop-as-a-Service company. This has allowed us to scale our growing business, make complex architecture decisions, and have a peace of mind when something goes wrong. We highly recommend GotoAdmins and their world-class team of IT professionals.

Universal Business Team

We have worked very closely with GotoAdmins since January 2015, and have been consistently impressed with the level of knowledge and capabilities of the team.
They are now an integral part of our organisation providing truly first-class managed support 24/7.
Their DevOps team has driven significant value benefits for our distributed cloud and on-premise infrastructure. I have no hesitation in recommending GotoAdmins.

Global Development Manager

GotoAdmins team has proved to us for the last year and a half that devops solutions are a key factor in any process of building a cloud-based platform.
Been involved in anything running in our R&D team, the creativity and the experience GotoAdmins team brings made the process of long and short term problem solving super efficient and productive.
I definitely consider them as an integral part of our team. Thanks a lot!


GotoAdmins have been a reliable partner of TaxiMe for over 2 years. They assisted us in adopting a containerized cloud-native tech stack, based on Kubernetes and various other CNCF projects.
Their multi-faceted DevOps expertise has been a great complement to the skills of our in-house teams.
I highly recommend them if you need a reliable partner with expertise in the constantly evolving world of cutting-edge infrastructure technologies.


It has been a pleasure to work with gotoadmins team for the past year.
They are reasonable and easy to work with due to their excellent interpersonal skills and non-compromising results.
For such a short period of time they managed to guide us through infrastructure migration, automation and optimization.
Glad to have such a trustworthy partner to walk with us side by side in solving the various technical IoT challenges.

Head of Software Development
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